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Senior Pastozhe_huang_3r

Rev. Zhe Huang

Phone: (646) 331-2732

Rev. Zhe Huang was born in Beijing, China. He was raised in a three-generation Christian family. From a young age, he has learned to serve in his local Church. Rev. Huang accepted Christ as his personal savior when he was in middle school. After his education, he enlisted in the Chinese army and it was during this time when he found his calling to preach and dedicated his life to the Lord’s work. By the grace of God, in 1996, Rev. Huang was invited into the United States by ministers from Louisiana to continue his education. Shortly, he moved to New York and continued seminary at Faith Bible Seminary. Rev. Huang received his Master of Divinity and Master of Biblical Studies and in 2001 was ordained as Reverend. In 2006, he began his ministry at Faith Bible Church of New Hyde Park. Rev. Huang currently lives with his family in Long Island. His wife, Fanny Huang, is the church’s English Ministry overseer. His two sons, Isaac and Isaiah, also take part in serving the church.

English Ministry Co-Workers

Fanny Huang
Yili Chen